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Summer: events and relevant experiences

by Antonio Magaraci

During summer we experience unforgettable moments that, more and more often, become experiences to be shared not only with close friends, but with an increasing number of potential contacts.

The summer period increases the opportunities to experience exciting moments: trips, meetings, activities, events, concerts. Therefore, the answers to the questions "how does a brand manage to create relevant experiences in a period that is itself overcrowded with events?" and "how does it fit into a very rich schedule and find a spot in the consumer's heart and head?" are crucial for every company.

It is about creating relevant experiences which are able to connect with one's audience at a specific time and place. This involves a deep understanding and intersection of three elements: brand, audience and environment.

For those of us involved in the experience business, understanding the brand is not only about understanding its intrinsic values, attributes and communication territories, but also about integrating them  with the company's business needs and objectives.

I like to mention as an example an event that took place last July in Milan of which I am particularly proud: UPeritivo at the Temporary Terrazza Martini, where a careful analysis of brand, audience and enviroment led to the exceeding of all set targets and to a sensational success with the public.

These 3 aspects are a great starting point for creating and delivering exciting and memorable experiences. Just to be clear: success is not simply about standing out from the crowd, but about creating experiences that are meaningful and consistent with the audience's passions, brand values and business needs.

The third element to be studied, the enviroment, refers to the customer journey that needs to be lived and the practical-logistical aspects of our event.

Speaking of the audience, marketing departments know their target audience very well: socio-demographic characteristics, tastes and trends. But who are these people or what do they become when they attend a beach party, for example? Why are they there at that moment? And what are the memories they want to take home? It is essential to fully understand their emotional needs, passions and interests and thus create coherent experiences.

How does a brand manage to create relevant experiences in a period that is itself overcrowded with events?" and "how does it fit into a very rich schedule and find a spot in the consumer's heart and head?

The Experience

The request from the Bacardi Group was clear: to find a way to communicate the Martini brand in a fresh and modern way to a young target through the proposal of the new Martini and Tonic aperitif.

In addition, it wanted to present the new Vermouth reference in addition to the 4 classic Martini: the Martini Fiero.

11 evenings of music, fun and Martini and Tonic in the centre of Milan were the answer to the ''business need''. 

The moment of the aperitif to be enjoyed with friends was transformed into UPeritivo for the occasion. 
This meant the unique and unrepeatable opportunity to enjoy Martini cocktails in an environment where art, entertainment, technology and culture met in a single location. In fact, UPeritivo embodied several experiences. Enjoying your drink on a large Ferris wheel, built for the occasion near the Castello Sforzesco. The chance to enjoy a series of activities and artistic installations in the open-air lounge bar; to experience performances with Tilt Brush by Emiliano Ponzi; to read the " Vocabulary of the Aperitif " created by Momusso; and to discover the Martini fragrances created by Luca Maffei.

To complete the experience, the weekend was accompanied by DJ sets by Valentina Sartorio, Nora Bee and Ketty Passa and cocktails prepared by Bruno Vanzan.A mix of elements that narrated the Martini world in the heart of Milan.

Some numbers to understand the results:

 + more than 5,000 guests

 6,000 cocktails

 12,000 rides on the Ferris wheel

 650 Tilt Brush experience

 + 3,500 aperitif vocabularies given away