Inventa CPM Srl, according to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, has adopted its Organization, Management, and Control Model (MOG) to guarantee absolute legality and transparency of its work; this Model represents a guide for the whole organization.
Inventa CPM also has its own Code of Ethics to define specific rules of conduct that govern its activities.
To this end, the Board of Directors has appointed the Supervisory Body, an autonomous and independent body that guarantees to manage any report responsibly, with discretion, and professionalism.
Anyone who, based on their judgment, identifies facts that constitute or may constitute a violation of the Code of Ethics and the Organizational Model of Inventa CPM can contact:

Supervisory Body under Legislative Decree 231/2001
C / O Inventa CPM S.r.l.
Corso Vercelli, 40, 20145, Milan

Reports can be made anonymously or not anonymously. The Supervisory Body will ensure the confidentiality of the identity of the reporting people without prejudice to legal obligations.




"Whistleblowing" is an institution of Anglo-Saxon origin aimed at regulating and facilitating the process of reporting offenses or other irregularities of which the reporting subject (so-called "whistleblower") has become aware and which provides, for the latter, effective forms of protection.
The Inventa CPM organization, management, and control model provide a dedicated channel to share reports. In this way, it's possible to guarantee the confidentiality of whistleblowers.
Any discriminatory acts linked to reports against whistleblowers are prohibited. 
Within the disciplinary system of OMM 231, there are sanctions against those who violate the protection measures for whistleblowers and those who make reports that turn out to be unfounded, with willful misconduct or gross negligence.
To report any offenses or irregularities while maintaining your anonymity, you can download and fill in the reporting form, sending it by post to:

Supervisory Body under Legislative Decree 231/2001
C/O Inventa CPM S.r.l.
Corso Vercelli, 40, 20145, Milan