Provide scientific content in the most emotional way possible.



Grunenthal launches Zurampic, a new medicine for the treatment of gout. 


One of the biggest challenges is to transmit scientific content and motivate the sales force through an event with a fun and fascinating program. It was also important not to detract from the scientific value and importance of the new medication, while at the same time being able to communicate the key messages of the product emotionally.


Starting from an iconic and value-based concept -Gotta be 2 (Gout be 2) - we created an event that is almost a theatre piece in which Gout is experienced in all its phases by the actors.


The first act, made up of a mix of dance and dialogue, was used to tell the story of the first phase of the disease, in which the patient struggles, approaches it, and searches for a solution. In the middle part, an actor played, with an ironic and fitting cut, the patient and his clinical journey: from the beginning until the resolution with the arrival of Zurampic. In the closing scene, however, another dance performance symbolized the release from the disease and the return to life.