11 days of music, entertainment,
and Martini and Tonic
in the center of Milan.



Martini needed to communicate the brand in a fresh and modern way to a young target, thanks to the new Martini and Tonic aperitif. Furthermore, the brand wanted to present a new product in addition to the four classic Martini: the Martini Fiero.  


PLAY WITH TIME - an aperitif time to enjoy with friends - has become UPeritivo.

Why UPeritivo? Because for the first time, people could enjoy Martini cocktails on a Ferris wheel. The open-air lounge bar with activities and art installations completed the experience: from the performance with Emiliano Ponzi's Tilt Brush to the Aperitif Vocabulary created by Momusso to the Martini fragrances created by Luca Maffei.

DJ sets by Valentina Sartorio, Nora Bee, and Ketty Passa and cocktails prepared by Bruno Vanzan represented a pleasant frame to the night. 

With a mix of elements, we've managed to build solid storytelling around the Martini world in the heart of Milan.