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TRO introduces a new proprietary Virtual Experience Platform

by InventaTRO

In the past few months, Covid-19 has led to a permanent increase in the fruition of digital experiences. The impossibility of holding physical events, together with the increase in the adoption rate of these tools, has completely rewritten the rules of events, giving new space to forms of fruition that are now more effective and efficient than ever before: digital events.

Digital events, however, do not always manage to provide the level of immersiveness and involvement that we would all like to provide to our audience. For this reason, we, as the TRO network and in cooperation with the in-house creative technology unit Cassette, have developed and implemented a new service for our customers: a proprietary Virtual Experience Platform.

Thanks to scenarios recreated entirely in 3D, our Virtual Experience Platform is able to host events taking place in entirely virtual settings that can be easily navigated by users.

The advantage of our Virtual Experience Platform is the experience - extremely faithful to that of physical events - whose itineraries can be adapted to both entertainment and commercial spaces, such as trade fairs and retail outlets.

The fidelity of the graphic reproduction reaches photorealistic levels thanks to the use of Unreal Engine, the world's most powerful graphics engine. In addition to watching, the user is also able to interact - by clicking on the various hotspots in the virtual environment - to view informative content, communicate in live video chat with the staff, and then be directed to external web pages, where they can perhaps find more information or purchase products directly.

The experience, which can also be enjoyed from a mobile device, exploits the potential of the web, which is why no app download is ever required from the audience, making it extremely easy to access.

We would like to remind you that, in addition to the Virtual Experience Platform, as Inventa TRO we are also active in the realisation of Digital Conventions and Hybrid Events, already in the production phase for national and international multilingual events.

The search for valid alternatives to physical events requires companies to get involved and propose to their audience new types of formats that are immersive, interactive and different from the passive conference call that has tired everyone a little.

The good news? People are excited to try them out.