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The brand experience of St-Germain travels through Italy with Inventa TRO

by Ufficio Stampa Inventa TRO

The St-Germain Spritz Experience tour has begun, which was created to spread and share the brand experience of the Bacardi Group's fresh elderflower liqueur. For the third year running, the project is being managed in every aspect by the experience agency Inventa TRO. Starting from the creative idea, through to the communication strategy and its tactical management.

"This is not just a tour, but an immersive experience in the brand's values," says Antonio Magaraci, Managing Director of Inventa TRO. "We conceived and created a project with the aim of engaging St-Germain's key targets - consumers and bartenders - through initiatives that increase the emotional connection with the brand, enrich the participants' experience, and remain anchored in their memory."

This is not just a tour, but an immersive experience in the brand's values.

The tour consists of 320 stops throughout Italy, 50% more than last year, starting in Milan and Turin. Engagement activities are planned to make consumers aware of St-Germain Spritz, but also of the endless potential that the elderflower liqueur offers to bartenders. The tour will also offer four special events calledSt-Germain Night in which the brand experience will be extended to several locations at the same time in the same area. The first of these events will be on 13 July in Santa Margherita Ligure. 

In addition to the club events, Inventa TRO has designed and implemented a series of advocacy activities aimed at bartenders. In collaboration withSt-Germain Brand Ambassador Rachele Giglioni, 40 sessions dedicated to St-Germain mixology and 3 masterclasses will be organised, which will not only provide insight and specific training. In addition, bartenders will discuss the creation of new cocktails.

The project ends with another addition. For the first time, a dedicated instagram account - stgermain_spritzexperience - has been introduced, where the experiences of each stage of the tour will be shared, as well as the recipes created by the bartenders participating in the masterclasses. 
As a consequence of the success and results achieved over the past few years - with an average of 75 cocktails sold per evening in 2018 - the Bacardi Group and Inventa TRO have set themselves ambitious goals, both in terms of people reached and shares on social media.