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Summer events 2022: what happened?

by InventaTRO

The summer of 2022 marked a real moment of rebirth for the world of events. 

Summer offers the opportunity to organise outdoor events and this has given a boost to the sector, which has not forgot digital events, although they have been rethought in an innovative way to cope with new trends. Every additional element in the organisation of an event, online or in-person, must be designed to create more and more interconnected experiences for the audience. 

The events held over the past few months have increasingly highlighted some of the changes the industry is experiencing. As we work in the experience world, it is crucial for us to fully understand the changes that are taking place in the sector, which is why we decided to carry out an overview to analyse the most interesting ones. 

The first element that can be noticed is also one of the hottest topics at the moment: sustainability. Being environmentally friendly is difficult and at the same time essential, especially when we are dealing with events with a certain attendance.

Many companies have decided to turn some physical events into digital ones by increasing their reach and combining two of the trends of the moment, sustainability and omnichannelity.

Just Eat, on the occasion of the Woman Euro 2022, moved in this direction: the brand was able to make itself known for the interactive stand realised together with TRO, an experience that involved the public during the days of the event, maintaining a particular attention towards the environmental issue. On the evening of the final of the European Women's Football Championship, in fact, the brand served all the food inside of biodegradable packaging, in order to emphasise the company's real commitment to such an important issue, especially at an event of this importance. 

There are various ways to approach sustainability, and this is precisely why many companies have decided to turn some physical events into digital ones by increasing their reach and combining two of the trends of the moment, sustainability and omnichannelality.

A survey conducted by LinkedIn in 2022 among 1,800 event organisers showed that 42% will continue to choose virtual or hybrid events also for sustainability reasons.

However, it is crucial not to consider digital events as a replacement for in-person events: the past two years have taught us that it is essential to rethink them by adapting the programming of each one to the needs of the audience. Today we are no longer able to follow a single event for 6 or even 8 hours in a row: the attention we pay to online events has inevitably decreased over the last two years. Managing to maintain high levels of engagement and attention has become a real challenge. This is also the reason why we have noticed a tendency towards shorter but continuous and more frequent events. 


It is therefore necessary to change the scheduling of events, considering meetings that are not too long in duration and that are interactive and engaging. This is precisely the case for the cycle of 6 digital workshops organised for one of our leading customers in the pharmaceutical sector. 

ATTR-ACTION, an event realised for Pfizer in the field of rare diseases, involved 45 specialists from different Italian regions as speakers. The webinars took place in May and June and their organisation considered the evolving landscape of online events. We opted for a duration of less than 2 hours and made them interactive thanks to Q&A moments, sharing of immediate feedback and thanks to the panel discussions. The mix of frontal presentations with moments of interaction is useful both to achieve a higher performance relative to attention and to gather live feedback on the event and be ready to modify some elements of it in the course if necessary.

The mix of frontal presentations with moments of interaction is useful to achieve greater performance and live feedback.

The in-presence events business has finally experienced a restart after a two-year stop and here again we have noticed some changes. In particular, the increased frequency in the organisation of small events can also be found in the organisation of live experiences. Instead of a single event lasting one or a few days, there is a preference for many small, continuous activations that extend over time. This choice not only increases brand awareness, but also allows companies to adopt a Test & Learn approach.

This philosophy was also adopted by Inventa TRO for the organisation of the St-Germain Les Amis Tour, a journey of exploration of the elderflower liqueur. The brand, part of the Bacardi group, wanted to organise a tour consisting of more than 350 stops at numerous locations in Italy during the course of summer 2022.



Benedetta De Rosa, Account Manager at Inventa TRO, tells us:"The decision to organise small events instead of larger ones is a strategic choice because, in addition to increasing the visibility of the brand, it can also lead to greater commercial profits."

Creating a unique experience is not easy, to distinguish from other brands in a landscape so rich in communication triggers is a daily challenge, which is why the location choice is also becoming a key element in the creation of events. 

The location is no longer understood as a simple frame, but now as a narrative element that serves to understand the storytelling behind the realisation of each experience. 

There are various ways to exploit this trend: presiding over cultural venues of particular impact is certainly one way to create an exciting effect; upgrading characteristic and innovative urban-style environments is useful to create a more modern ambience; and if you do not have an impactful venue in which to hold the event, you can build a stand in line with the storytelling. In fact, creating an environment that fully reflects the brand essence and can engage the audience is another way to put the location at the centre of the narrative.

In conclusion, every summer companies compete to stand out and be noticed by the public, and it is therefore normal that certain changes become more and more popular. Understanding them, exploiting them and adapting them with a critical sense to the needs of each project is the basis of all our work, past and future. Next season is going to be full of events and we are looking forward to create the next experience, stay tuned!