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Inventa TRO wins the tender of Home Assistance for an advertising campaign and a new website.

by InventaTRO Press Office

The creativity focuses on ironic and funny content that jokes about certain clichés of Italian habits.

Home Assistance - part of the Edison Group, an energy operator, and HomeServe, active worldwide in home assistance - has awarded, following a tender, Inventa TRO a task. The assignment is to develop the new communication campaign and the restyling of the company's website, which had chosen Inthera for its digital strategy at the beginning of 2018.

The new campaign aims to highlight the expertise of Assistenza Casa's network of over 1,400 specialised craftsmen and, at the same time, to convey the brand's key values of quality, professionalism and service, explains the press release. The creativity focuses on ironic and amusing content that jokes about certain clichés of Italian customs.

We are very motivated to work on a brand that has created a new business segment and therefore presents us with new and exciting communication challenges. The omnichannel approach of our proposal and the certainly unusual creative idea are sure to be the right drivers for the growth of the brand in Italy.

(Antonio Magaraci, Managing Director Inventa TRO) 

The transparency of the offer and the fast response to requests are fundamental aspects for Assistenza Casa: the new site must offer the possibility to easily navigate through the numerous services on offer, and it must also be a relational touch-point, enabling the relationship between the brand and its customers to be strengthened. The collaboration between Assistenza Casa and Inventa TRO began in January with the design of the new website.