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Gran Biraghi grated cheese: from the form, straight to the TV

by Engage

Biraghi chooses TV and social networks for its new campaign. It is signed Inventa TRO.

Biraghi is back on television with a new commercial dedicated to Grattugiato Gran Biraghi. Produced by Fargo Film and made byInventa TRO, who signed also the previous campaigns, the 15-second commercial will be on air on Rai networks from 9 to 29 February. With this campaign the brand aims to reach154 million total contacts. The planning was managed by the company.

The protagonist of the video is a family: father, mother and daughter are sitting around the table ready for lunch, but when they pour Gran Biraghi onto the pasta dishes, it is not the grated cheese that comes out of the bag, but the whole wheel of cheese. With a linear and immediate narration, the commercial focuses on the 100 gram packet of Gran Biraghi, which is produced with 100% Italian milk, all natural, no conservatives, and emphasises how the quality of the cheese comes 'straight from the form'.

Alongside the TV campaign, there is also a social planning that confirms the collaboration with Silver, author of Lupo Alberto. On Biraghi's Facebook and Instagram channels, in fact, there will be an alternation of content created ad hoc for Grattugiato Gran Biraghi by the famous cartoonist with Lupo Alberto and the other characters of the McKenzie farm, testimonials of the Company. The goal is to reach a total of19 million users by February 2020.

"We are again on television with a commercial dedicated to Gran Biraghi grated cheese 100 grams," saysClaudio Testa, Director of Marketing and Commercial Strategies, "which is the best-selling branded product in the grated cheese category. This activity confirms our desire to continue to invest in communication and in the Italian market, we want to intercept an increasingly broader public thanks to the support not only of the television commercial, but also of the social campaign targeted in particular towards younger people".