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Events, shall we start again? There are still few companies taking responsibility for live events.

by e20express

In the ninth episode of the e20express research that investigates through the protagonists of the sector what is happening in the event industry in the post-lockdown restart era, Antonio Magaraci, Managing Director of Inventa TRO, explains which types of clients and events are back on field, but also the role of the digital sector and the problems that have appeared in the realisation of the first 'safe' events.

"Events, shall we start again?" the e20express research that aims to highlight what is happening to the event industry in the post-lockdown restart era, continues. In the ninth episode the intervention of Antonio Magaraci, Managing Director ofInventa TRO.

'I think it is difficult to estimate a return date for in-person events, which could change - considering the precedents - depending on the sector,' Magaraci explains. 'However, I would say that the utilities industry seems to me to be in great excitement, so there could be some experiential initiatives of different kinds very soon. Otherwise, I think it depends from company to company and internal policies. On the other hand, there are customers who have already told us that they will not do live events in 2021'.

Regarding the types of events for which public events are most suitable at this particular time, Magaraci has no doubts: 'I believe that product launches right now are the moments that customers are trying to restore in the traditional way. Mainly because of their commercial value. I am mostly referring to B2B events. Furthermore, I believe that we will have to take in consideration internal engagement events, which can be put on the table to support M&A activities, or to motivate teams - employees, but also business partners - in the post Covid phase'.

Does digital still dominate in this phase of the health emergency where live events are resumed? If not, what role will digital continue to play for the event industry?

'From my personal point of view, digital events still have a lot of influence and I believe they will continue to be present in the strategies of brands in the coming year. Today, very few companies take on the responsibility of organising live events'.

Has your company already produced (or is it working on producing) in-person events?  What are the main critical issues you have encountered and what could be developed to improve the 'safe' organisation of an event?

'Inventa TRO is starting again to organise live appearances in the channel. I am mainly referring to activities in bars for spirits brands. We are following the indicated safety protocols and the response from the public is really comforting'.

Finally, how does the end of the year look for the events industry and for your company? 

'The drop, or rather the stop, has been very sharp and I do not see a recovery in general in the last quarter,' Magaraci comments. Inventa TRO has resumed some live activities in the bar channel, but the medium and large-scale events have all been cancelled. Fortunately, Inventa TRO offers a mix of activities, which go beyond the organisation of experiential events, on which we did not suffer excessive decreases. I am referring to communication, digital, loyalty activities and Farma'.