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Bacardi Group and Inventa TRO: a partnership that will continue in 2021

by UNA - Aziende delle Comunicazioni Unite

The Bacardi Group has been collaborating with Inventa TRO for the past 4 years on experiential projects for the brands Martini, St-Germain, Santa Teresa, Patron and Grey Goose. Today this collaboration has been renewed with the realisation of projects that are so much more than events: the Bacardi Group has in fact entrusted the agency directed by Antonio Magaraci with the task of consolidating the visibility and communication of some iconic brands and places.

“The current dynamic of consumer over-information has been further accelerated by the pandemic. The dominance of fast, digital and dynamic messages as compared to statica and traditional ones makes more difficult for brand owners to guarantee coherence for thei consumers" says Riccardo Monari, Director Customer Marketing Italy & Greece of Bacardi. "The long-standing  collaboration with Inventa TRO and the respective knowledge gained over the last few years has been fundamental for us in tackling this new challenge with the right dynamism, without ever deviating from our brand identity."

Casa Martini

In 1864, the founders of the brand chose to move their factory to Casa Martini, the historic site in Pessione. The first project concerned the production of the video presentation of the renovated museum and experiential itinerary of the house. 
Inventa TRO conceived and produced the videos that will be used in social and digital communication to enhance the new settings and the experiences proposed. The itineraries range from the production tour to the vermouth experience and the cocktail experience: pathways designed to consolidate brand awareness and also to share the brand's values with visitors. All the news about Casa Martini can be explored on the dedicated social channels, Instagram @Visitcasamartini and Facebook @Casa Martini - Martini & Rossi.

Terrace St-Germain

For the St-Germain brand, Inventa TRO designed and developed the elements of visibility for the Terrazze St-Germain project, consisting of eight newly opened or recently renovated locations in Milan, Turin, Rome and Prato. The Bacardi Group entrusted the creativity of Inventa TRO with the realisation of the decorative and design elements, adapted to the characteristics of each location.
Inventa TRO to create a series of touchpoints with a strong communicative capacity, helping to create the immersive experience in the values of the St-Germain brand that distinguishes each of the Terraces.

Santa Teresa

Finally, an engagement and design activity for the Santa Teresa rum: a new challenge for Inventa TRO, realising for the first time a project for this brand. In order to accompany people into the "rugby" world of Santa Teresa, Inventa TRO designed an experiential journey starting in the windows of bars and liquor shops in major cities and ending with communication materials inside the bars.

The comment

“"Today, more than ever, attention is the most precious currency of any consumer experience: in a world of message overload, what wins out is the ability to truly engage people by communicating brand values in a relevant and coherent manner," says Antonio Magaraci, Managing Director of Inventa TRO. "Transliterating the value concepts of each Barcardi Group brand into effective touchpoints is a challenge that is continually being renewed from project to project and that we always face with great attention and enthusiasm.”.

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