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A successful year for Inventa TRO!

by e20express

For Inventa TRO, 2019 was a winning year, the agency had a profit growth of more than +20% and 15 tenders awarded. Magaraci: 'We are involved in several large pitches, one of them involving a public company'

The Managing Director of the company, which is part of the Omnicom Group, explained the main achievements in terms of business in 2019, looking ahead to 2020 with high expectations of growth, but also consolidating partnerships with customers in the portfolio.

Inventa TRO, the only representative in Italy of Omnicom Experiential Group, which includes the Network's best experiential agencies worldwide, has archived a year, 2019, of great results and satisfaction. "A winning year," managing director Antonio Magaraci (in photo) told e20express, who summarised the main results achieved.

"I like to point out that this was the third consecutive year of significant growth in terms of both turnover and profit. In particular, in terms of profit, we grew by more than 20% compared to last year. This is an extraordinary result, especially when we consider that we had already recorded exceptional growth in 2018 compared to 2017. This is always important, but it is a little bit more when you are part of an international Group (Omnicom) that is listed on the stock exchange and therefore particularly attentive to financial indicators."

For the manager, the foundation of this growth trend is the consolidation of the brand's Experience Agency positioning, which is based on 3 main pillars referring to pre, during and post experience. In other words, Magaraci points out: "solid strategic approach, extremely careful execution of the activity, and data analysis using our business intelligence tool".

In 2019 Inventa TRO was awarded with the ISO certification, which testifies to the agency's solid and quality way of working. Important results were also achieved in terms of new busines with: '15 tenders won, almost 50% of those in which we participated. I was disappointed, however, to see the confirmation of a trend: the one of unassigned tenders. Last year about 20% did not have any winners."

We asked the manager which projects stood out for the type of activity proposed or the results achieved:

"In 2019 we faced many challenging projects. The event that had the most resonance was without a doubt the launch of the Galaxy A line for Samsung. A large B2B and B2C immersive event that was simultaneously activated in Milan, Bangkok and Sao Paulo. For the third year in a row we consolidated our partnership with the Bacardi Group. During the year, we created and managed more than 300 On Trade activations for the St. Germain, Patron and Grey Goose brands, as well as Advocacy activities, which are quite complex events that require in-depth knowledge of the bar channel and the spirits industry. For Biraghi, we managed many projects, including one in particular that was long in the making and achieved great visibility: I am referring to the creation of an experiential path in the 11 windows of the Biraghi flagship store in Turin's Piazza San Carlo, which stands out for the presence of a high-impact zootropic display that leaves the public open-mouthed (read more). Furthermore, among the various communication projects managed for Axa, I remember the creation of retail communication in MPS branches. The last one is Novartis, for which we carried out several campaigns and live communication activations thanks to our BU specialising in Pharma'.

Looking ahead to 2020, what projects are in the pipeline?

"Considering the results of 2019, we naturally expect a lot from 2020. First of all, we will consolidate partnerships with many clients, in addition to those just mentioned. And then we have a couple of big opportunities that will involve our network, including one with a public company."