We are proud of of the increase of sell-in during the period which reached values in double digits!



Italy is wll-known as the home of the aperitif and St-Germain, Bacardi's delicate and fragrant elderflower liqueur, aims to win a prominent space in the heart of the target audience. In order to reach this goal we created an experiential tour of 150 events throughout Italy. The main focus was to increase awareness and sell-in growth.


With a focus on the creation of a full immersion in a mood of other times to rediscover antique and precious flavors we created a vintage set-up with references to the Parisian 1920s, a cargo bike equipped as a bar, a blackboards and boóte aux lettres, a vintage journal, elderflowers and the original St-Germain glasses.  

Two teams around Italy had to manage an average of one event per day, aiming to engage guests, present the qualities of the product and generate the perfect serve of the original St Germain cocktail. In addition to this, there was a photo set for vintage shots with props and costumes to travel through time but at the same moment customers had the opportunity of real-time sharing them on their social channels.