Elmer's, the world-leading brand in the slime category, asked us to create a year-long brand awareness campaign with a new communication concept for Italy. 


We've created the ELMER'S JOINS TOGETHER concept and applied it to a digital campaign focused on three pick periods for the brand: Spring, Back to School, and X-Mas. The claim enhanced Elmer's ability to join together (just like the glues the brand produces) the adults and children to create slimes, play, and have fun with family and friends.

We supported the idea with an Influencer Marketing boost and a Seeding Campaign that led to the creation of content on the influencers' social media channels and the brand's YouTube channel. Each talent/influencer, through self-produced content, invited their Instagram followers to post - using the hashtag #elmersuniscedavvero - a photo or video while playing with Elmer's Slime.

We've created a gallery with UGC on a dedicated landing page www.elmers-uniscedavvero.it. Each post people shared with the brand contributed to a charity project! Newell donated 1 euro to the Rava foundation for each hashtag used during the campaign.

And it does not end there. The campaign has had an additional digital echo thanks to the YouTube pre-roll, Google Ads, and the in-store presence.